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Duneska's story


Side by Side 2017

The Side by Side music camp was one of the more valuable experiences that my children and me, personally, could get!

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In a beautiful and exciting, touristic and cultural city as Göteborg, there was like a magic in the air, and that magic was the music.

Anybody could see that there was something funny happening. A river of green t-shirts, happy faces and musical instruments, all around, all the time, for 4 days.

For the opening it was so great to see master Gustavo Dudamel directing, and I was surprise to see the wonderful work El Sistema Sweden is doing for integrating people through music as we saw with Dream Orchestra.

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The team that was supporting the project protocol; teachers, leaders and even cooks were notoriously gentle and helpful. The organization of accommodation in the schools, toilets, services, etc. worked well and the food was abundant, balanced and tasty.

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But the best of the day was to see the great job done in the rehearsals, both for the orquestra and the chorus. Good planning, beautiful infrastructures and talented musicians and leaders which showed passion for music.

As a mother of El Sistema students and as a musician who was only observing, I felt inspired and it was contagious that feeling of happiness for music.

I remember a special moment, at one of the latest rehearsal of the chorus in that scenery of pure wood at the Högskolan for scen och music, the colored reflectors were on and changing softly, and all the girls of the chorus were together for first time, singing that beautiful African potpourri, and Birgitta dancing as a bird while directing them… I was crying whit Joy…

Something I had record in my mind and heart was the songs we were hearing all those days.. They all had a message of Unity and Peace, really beautiful songs!

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A personal enjoyment was to meet Ron Davis, who is Venezuelan just like me.


An enthusiastic, well prepared and yet humble human being who directed the whole orchestra and inspired the young musicians to keep giving the best. He always talked in a happy and funny way, dancing while directing with a big smile.

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The Last day of the Camp, in the big Lisebergshallen, when the conductors informed about the next Side by Side 2018, my 3 children and me almost shouted: YES!


Duneska Salazar

Accompanying mother & singer-songwriter